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Hourly sales
Displays a different sales performance each day hourly sales and category.
Daily sales
Of each month the day to display a different sales performance separate sales and category.
Monthly sales
To display the monthly sales and category of sales performance of each year.
Yearly sales
It displays the total sales amount or the like in the year.
You can set the app. This content can also be set in the app.
You can do the inventory management of products that are registered.
If it is not in use on your computer, you can download the CSV data directly in this menu.
Data initialization
Make product data, the deletion of the sales data.
Regicloud Service
Change the payment information.
It displays a list of payment history.
You can change the account information of the cash register cloud.
Change Password
You can change the cash register cloud of password.
Delete account
You can withdraw the Regicloud service.


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